Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Last Straw

No, not a book about how one more comment from your mother-in-law is going to send you over the edge but rather one of the lovliest Christmas stories available to children. This moving story is about an elderly camel charged with carrying gifts to the new King. As the narrative progresses, Hosmakaka the camel is asked to carry more and more items and is too proud to admit his aches and pains. When he feels that he can carry no more, a child asks for one more item--a straw for the baby Jesus' bed. The ending of this story never fails to choke me up. It is not for the very young--it will be thematically over their heads and the vocabulary of Hosmakaka's grumbling will not amuse but for the 7-9 year old this is a lovely lovely story that will help underscore what Christmas means. The Last Straw is an excellent choice for parents or teachers who would like to teach the meaning of Christmas with a degree of sublety and respect. I literally cannot say enough about how much I love this book. -Rhiannon

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