Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My Penguin Osbert

My Penguin Osbert by Elizabeth Kimmel is an adorable picture book. It is about a young boy who in the past hasn't always got exactly what he wanted from Santa...he got a pogo stick instead of a trampoline, he got a tiny toy car instead of a real one... He decides to write a very specific letter to Santa asking for a real live penguin named Osbert for Christmas. Christmas morning comes and there is Osbert under the tree. But once he has him he has to do the things Osbert likes because 'he had asked for Osbert and now he had him.' So the young boy takes ice cold bathes, has creamed herring for breakfast and does many other things that Osbert likes to do. It is a sweet book with a wonderful lesson learned in the end.~Beag

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  1. Anonymous12/15/2006

    This story worked really well with my first graders this year. It promotes the be careful what you wish for in a Christmas gift well!