Friday, December 11, 2015

Space Dog by Mini Grey

"Can sworn enemies work together to save the Spooniverse?" As the subtitle implies, Space dog needs his enemies Astrocat and Mousetronaut to help the Cereal People, plug up Ketchup Volcanoes and defeat the Cheese Ants.
From the creator of Traction Man and Turbo Dog comes an intergalactic adventure complete with funny exclamations: "Thundering Milkswamps!" and "Shivering Stilton!" Not to mention great life form names: "Cruets of West Cutlery" and "Fruitons of Crumble Major."
The illustrations are full of action and detail that keep the book moving along in hilarious fashion.
Any children interested in space and goofiness will appreciate this romp through the Spooniverse.

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