Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Toys Meet Snow

                                                       by Emily Jenkins

This book is part of the Toys series (Toys Go Out, Toy Dance Party and Toys Come Home) featuring a stuffed buffalo, a plush stingray and a plastic ball. With their owner, Little Girl, away for winter vacation the toys are tempted to go out to experience the snow. Amazingly, all three toys make it to the outside and have a great time experiencing wintertime fun. Each animal approaches the snow in it's own way. Buffalo asks questions, StingRay is poetic and Plastic is very pragmatic. Until the very end when Plastic declares himself to be a "strawberry-syrup sun in the snow!" The illustrations are gorgeous, especially the depictions of late afternoon in the snow. You can almost feel the toys' relief at being inside, cozying up to the radiator.

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