Saturday, January 30, 2016

In a Village by the Sea

                                                              by Muon Van

This is a quiet book about a fisherman and his family in Vietnam. The fisherman longs for home as the storm surges and the family waits in their village for his return. The writing is sparse, but uses a "nesting" technique in which the reader starts in a larger scene, scopes downward to a small scene and then scopes out again. In this case, the book travels from the sea to the family house and the mother cooking. While the baby sleeps, the family dog is shown looking through a hole in the floor where a cricket is painting a scene of the fisherman, battling the stormy sea. The reader then telescopes out to the sea again where the fisherman gazes at his family's photo and finally returns to the village. The illustrations are very soft, detailed and lovely. Overall, a good book that introduces children to other cultures, and the universal emotion of family longing.

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