Friday, April 22, 2016

Lenny and Lucy

                                                        by Philip C. Stead

Peter, his dad and his dog Harold move to a house near the woods. Leading to the woods from the backyard is a bridge which makes Lenny nervous. To help guard the bridge, Peter assembles a man named Lenny out of pillows, blankets and some clothing. Peter and his dog sleep better, but now he thinks Lenny is lonely. So, he builds Lenny a friend made from leaves and names her Lucy. This makes Peter sleep better and the next day he has lunch with Lenny, Lucy and Harold. Along comes the neighbor Millie, who has binoculars and asks if Peter has ever seen an owl. At the end, Peter is no longer afraid of the woods and has made some friends, both imagined and real. The illustrations by Erin E. Stead are mostly in shades of gray, with the woods depicted as a series of dark stripes, conveying a stark tone. By contrast, the characters are in color showing their warmth. A good book for kids who are moving, afraid of the woods or the dark.

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