Friday, April 22, 2016

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

                                                            by Peter Brown

Mr. Tiger is "bored with always being so proper." All the other animals are so stuffy and formal. Slowly, Mr. Tiger loosens up and starts to get wild. He goes down on all fours, climbs, runs and roars until finally he loses his clothes all together. His friends are annoyed and suggest he go to the wilderness if he wants to be wild. And so he runs to the wilderness where he gets to do all his wild activities. But Mr. Tiger becomes lonely and misses his city friends. He returns to civilization to find that his friends have loosened up a bit, giving Mr. Tiger the best of both worlds: friendship and freedom. The illustrations in this book are brown and slightly drab in the beginning, and get colorful toward the end as the animals get wilder. The subtle and humorous message is for kids to be themselves.

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